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How we do business...

Imagine THIS: a company who builds relationships as strong as its decks...

A company who believes service is more important than sales…

A company who is an advocate for your happiness in the long term…

A company whose focus on quality quality doesn’t stop with its projects, but is shown through its character…

These are our core beliefs. We just so happen to build amazing decks and sunrooms. 

We believe service is senior to sales, and we do everything we can to exemplify that belief. 

Your safety, trust, piece of mind, and happiness are all at the top of our list, and we have a huge focus on putting people over profit. 

That’s why we handle things other companies simply don’t (or wont). Working with us should be a hands-free, worry-free, simple and easy experience. 

We are a licensed General Contractor in GA, and handle all legal matters (ie – permitting, variances) and HOAs for you as part of the job. 

Though we are a GC, we only build decks and sunrooms, meaning we’re “masters of one” and perform at a higher level than a “jack of all trades, master of none” general contracting company. Higher end materials, like PVC and Brazilian hardwood, require a higher level of precision that you simply won’t find with many other companies. 

We handle any relevant subcontracting needed for more involved projects that have needs outside of our scope. We’ll never say “find someone else for this and call us back” or “we can’t do that”, and we’ll absolutely NEVER misrepresent our skill and scope in an attempt to gain your business. If we need another specialist, we’ll hire and manage them as part of the job so you don’t have to.

What You'll Get With Us

superior experience

We prioritize your time and money, ensuring transparent pricing and crews that burn the candle at both ends until the job is done. Dealing with us is easy, predictable, and enjoyable.

meaningful vision

It's not JUST a deck... it's lifestyle, quality family time, a space for loved ones, and an investment. You deserve a builder who sees it the way you do, and who places the utmost importance on making it perfect.

premium expertise

"Builders" are for amateurs. We give you craftsman... true students of the art of deck building. From start to finish, your product and experience are a matter of pride for us.

total service

We're advocates first, and deck builders second. You can count on us to communicate clearly, promptly, and with respect for you and your vision. What means the most to us is your trust.

Why Choose Us?


Our goal is to build more than structures…it’s to build long-lasting relationships with members of our community. 

We work with our clients every step of the way, and provide direct contact lines to our owners for wide open communication at all times. 


We offer warranties on our work that are second to none in the industry. We stand buy our work 100%, and assure the highest quality work and service. 

We carry the highest liability insurance available, and carry any and all responsibility for your home and property while on the job.


If you speak to any of our previous clients, you’ll find a chorus of voices echoing words like “professional”, “timely”, “craftsmanship” and “excellent”.

Not to toot our own horn, but our reputation precedes us as being the most reliable, flexible, and trustworthy company around. Just check out our glowing testimonials below, or the reviews on our Google listing!

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Quality and Pricing

We guarantee quality and longevity by ensuring jobs are never rushed or handled carelessly. Our teams have decades of experience behind them and take the utmost pride in providing quality work that will stand for years to come. 

We stay competitive by keeping overhead and margins as low as possible, offering custom pay schedules, and providing low-interest financing that anyone can afford. 


We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to safety and compliance. Unlike others, we initiate the permitting process for every single job and work with inspectors until the job is done and approved.

We handle every bit of the permitting process in-house, from drawings to fees, and work with HOAs to provide the same.

time management

Some contractors don’t prioritize your time, and “play it by ear” when it comes to timelines and finish dates. Not us. 

We respect your time and understand that speed is as important as quality. We plan out every aspect of every job before it starts, down to the person and process, so that we always prioritize your job’s timely completion. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are generally measured by the price per square foot per material type, and include simultaneous costs for labor and expertise.

Lots of companies can build a decent deck. We differentiate ourselves with our commitment to perfect customer experience and service, a higher attention to detail and use case, and an elevated built process that includes features, values and benefits to our customers that our competition doesn’t.  

On our initial phone call, we’ll give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision, including initial pricing, materials and build options, customization options, payment and financing options, and next steps. 

Should you like what we present, we’ll schedule an in-home visit with our brand rep, who will get granular with your project in terms of the specifics and details. 

After that, we’ll present a quote, sign a contract, process payment, obtain permits, order materials, break ground, and work daily to get the project done as soon as possible. 

Only as it pertains to the exterior project…like turning a window into a door, or running electrical to the fuse box. 

We do have contacts that remodel interiors, and we’re always happy to refer business to them if needed. 

Easily the best value from a materials standpoint is going to be TimberTech or Fortress PVC deck boards, along with Owens-Corning composite framing or Fortress steel framing.

While these products do cost a bit more up front, they last much longer than wood, stay nicer with far less maintenance, and are impervious to weather and insects. 

If you want to make your dollars stretch, using these wood-alternative products will ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

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